Client Testimonials


Sheridan Horn is a fabulous instructor! She was patient, thorough and well informed. I have been taking pilates for several years, and appreciated her techniques and diligence when it came to correcting my form and recommending modifications. I would highly recommend her.
— Linda, Wilmette, IL

I’m a college kid who plays a lot of basketball and tennis, but never tried Pilates until today. Sheridan was my instructor and did a fantastic job working me out, left my muscles feeling a good sore afterwards. The techniques she used allowed me to use muscles differently than i have in the past, and i definitely think she helped improve my core strength and flexibility.
— Colton, Evanston, IL

This was my first time taking a pilates class and I already can’t wait to go back! Sheridan was a wonderful instructor- very personable and knowledgable. She was able to introduce each movement at a beginner level while still giving me the challenging workout I asked for. I mentioned that I had back pain, and Sheridan made sure that I performed each exercise correctly and adjusted my posture so I wouldn’t further injure myself. Whether you’re new to pilates or a seasoned veteran, I’d highly recommend Sheridan.
— Alexa, Wilmette, IL

Sheridan gives me an incredible workout. I always wake up the next morning after our sessions feeling the good kind of sore and I’ve seen my body change in ways I have not experienced from other forms of exercise.
— Laura, Deerfield, IL

I have been working with Sheridan for over a year now, and began working with her when she was a Pilates apprentice in Dallas. She is patient, to the point, and gives me a GREAT workout. Her curing is concise and excellent and I always leave drenched in sweat. She is one of the only classical pilates instructors I have found in the Chicagoland area and let me tell you she is the best of the best.
— Sarah, New York, New York

Sheridan was an incredible teacher. She was super helpful in every way possible and made me feel confident even though it was my first class ever. It was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had and I would highly recommend her class to everyone! I can’t wait to go back again soon!
— Megan, Chicago, IL

Sheridan was so poised and had such great cues which made it so easy to follow along during my first mat pilates class…I am looking forward to becoming a regular an love that I found a space that is so welcoming and physically challenging me to get back in shape!
— Tasha, Minneapolis, MN

She was hands on, which was beneficial for me, as Pilates is still fairly new to me. She was really interactive with the room and gave demos for the more challenging activities. The class went by SO fast-it felt like it was only 10 minutes long. I can’t wait to come back & would definitely recommend this class to anyone.
— Alyssa, Glenview, IL

I had an amazing experience here! It was only my second time doing a pilates session, and Sheridan was a professional. She knew all of the correct techniques and explained them all as I was doing them. I cannot wait to go back and do another session.
— Jordyn, Chicago, IL

Sheridan is fantastic. She is passionate about Pilates and will push you to accomplish your fitness goals!
— Taylor, Wilmington, DE

I had a great experience working with Sheridan. She is so friendly and accommodating and patient. She really listened to my fitness needs and taught my session based on my body. She was fun to talk to and the session flew by. If you’re looking for a fun yet rigorous fitness experience definitely check out Sheridan, I can’t speak higher of my experience with her!
— Amanda, Buffalo Grove, IL

I had some serious knee problems and have had a near miraculous recovery…Sheridan could give a world class athlete a great workout and also make it fun for a 65 year old like me. She has done a tremendous job of improving my flexibility, overall fitness, and particularly my core. I’m actually starting to see my abs and my back spasms are gone….With Sheridan it’s really not just about Pilates it’s about true body sculpting, training, and achieving your potential overall fitness.
— Jerry, Lincolnwood, IL
As a novice Pilates goer, this studio and its instructors, in particular Sheridan Horn, have become my go to exercise spot!!! Sheridan walks me through the routines with confidence and is always mindful of my abilities and techniques. If you go, book a session with her! FIVE stars recommend!
— Regan, Dallas, TX