Meet Sheridan


I’m Sheridan, the driving force behind Bods by Sher. After years of working in the luxury department store industry at a southern fashion conglomerate in Dallas, Texas I grew simultaneously tired and restless. Yearning for something more, a deeper connection to my career and those around me, my Pilates journey began. 

I read and I researched and I knew I wanted my Pilates certification to come from the classical school of thought, more importantly Joe Pilates’ disciple who carried on his classical teachings, Romana Kryzanowska. Romana carried on Joe Pilates classical system, and trained a woman who is now my mentor, Alycea Ungaro. Alycea started her Real Pilates certification program out of New York City and hosts training programs around the country.

Through a rigorous year of training and an apprenticeship, I earned my certification in NYC in November 2017. By the end of 2017, what had started out as a career change had become so much more. Pilates connected me with a side of myself I didn’t know existed.

A side of myself that housed patience both towards myself and others around me, a perseverance I hadn’t yet discovered, and a sense of peace I believe I only was able to find by pushing my own physical and cerebral limits.  Through the system of Pilates I pushed myself through personal barriers I didn’t even realized I had put up over the years. I accomplished things that I never thought I could, and I became passionate about using movement to find balance in both my body and mind.

I bring to you a unique combination of strength training, cardio, flexibility, mobility, core strength, balance, and synchrony of movement through the framework of Classical Pilates. I teach each client based on their own body and personal wants and needs. I find solace in not only helping my clients physically but connecting with them on a personal level.

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